NSIR 14 – Close the port on the p0wnage pony

Peter is trying to get CISSP certified, and that means lots of homework followed by a big, mean test. Leprechauns deserve punching. Scott has bubonic plague. Peter missed yoga. DST is an example of something people screwed up. Scott wonders about the mysteries of Podcast Network fanboyism. Peter wants to refinance, but his mortgage agent is apparently a missing person. Peter loves his cat, Mu. Scott is not sure he loves his cat Oliver. Finally, we talk more about Java 0days and security. Scott wants to send his lungs to work for him.

NSIR 13 – An Agent Running On Your Servers

Peter has variable sound quality when podcasting. He also has sore shoulders, which everyone in the Aikido community knows. Peter’s clients get patched to avoid Java p0wnage. Peter cleans Mu’s ears. Sweatshirts are made with forced obsolescence. Peter gets excited about local food delivery options. Bloomberg claims one unannounced Apple product will be more profitable than another unannounced Apple product. Scott wrote a blog post about some troubles in podcasting.

NSIR 11 – Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are As Accurate as LAPD

There’s a blizzard in Boston and people are threatened with prison time because of it. Evernote goes wild. Star Wars may be its own best revenge. We love Chilly Feesesteaks. Boston has beans, Vermont has Maples. LAPD shoots newspaper delivery women. NRA thinks background checks might be ok. You should totally 3D print a semiautomatic rifle that can last for two rounds before it explodes.

NSIR 09 – Snowplows, Debit Cards, and Dental Plans

Scott went to the dentist. People are stupid when it comes to money, and even stupider with debit cards. Peter has a new (replacement) iPhone, and restored it from an iCloud backup. John McAfee gets all defensive about his technical acumen, and proves his superiority by posing with two women. There’s a place you can buy really drug influenced donuts called Voodoo Doughnut. Stephen Hawking is British. Common courtesy is dead, and you should never contact people after a first date. It’s dead, Jim! And is Siri getting worse?

NSIR 08 – Nyet Deadyet

Feedback! We got feedback from a former fan of ours regarding our End of the World episode 7. John McAfee is back with some surreptitious keylogging activities. Peter installed an SSD drive, and Scott read a book called Cryptonomicon. Also Peter admits to signing up for dodgeball. Scott rages against bad software, some of it from Google, some of it from Apple.

NSIR 06 – This Ain’t Alaska, This Ain’t Arizona

Scott is joined by his friends Patrick and Keeme. One lives in Alaska and works on the pipeline. One lives in the desert of Arizona and doesn’t work on the pipeline. We talk about cycling encounters with moose, opening second run theaters in Eagle River, Alaska, recording stories of yourselves for all to hear, crazy Arizona windstorms, how oil companies can be greedy, what iPads and mobile phones they like, and more.