NSIR 05 – Commitment Punch

WAY MORE listener feedback than EVAR!!!!1! Peter and Scott talk about Sales people. Sales people use Excel and Powerpoint. Scott proposes sales person cage matches. Scott mocks the Libertarian Republican for being way too kind and gentle. Peter has a Roomba because his cat tracks litter, and it loves rearranging furniture. Scott’s cat has long hair that gets cat poo stuck in it. It’s gross. Peter and Scott drink the commitment punch.

NSIR 04 – Back to the Grind

Peter grinds French Roast. Scott pontificates about the Apple rumor mill and the iPad mini. Peter writes a brilliant marketing email. Did Dan Rather lie on purpose? Peter spends a day in tech support hell, tells the tech support people THANKS!!!!!1!, and refers us to Leeroy Jenkins. Scott wonders how domain registrars could possibly be any less secure than the one he dealt with today. Lance Armstrong is a reverse Bill Gates. And LOTS of listener FEEDBACK.

NSIR 03 – The Gentle Art of Joint Locks and Dislocation

Roofers, not roofies. Servers with no hard drives. Rigging crews who clean and move small roll around tool carts. Listener feedback from BEN! Breath mints. Applications that don’t show up in Spotlight. A very small windows virus that deletes all your photos. It takes a week to format your hard drive, if you’re an Apple Genius. FileVault 2 does whole disk encryption. What is the best martial art for a girl to learn to dropkick a male human being into the next galaxy?

NSIR 02 – Tapeworm Shoulder Injury

Scott and Peter watch in amazement as small children bike past them at 25 mph. Siri tries to open the Gresham. Autocorrect embarrasses parents. Peter has a shoulder injury. Pakistani food. Who is going to be responsible for drones flying in the US airspace? Peter’s cat has lap radar. New Hampshire makes animals and people barf. Don’t feed dogs cake before road trips.

NSIR 01 – Dead Body, Coffee Table, Whatever

Peter is from Bosmont and has a Splinter. Murderers should be turned over to the families of the victims. Avengers was a good movie with some flaws. Stop making phone calls during Aikido. Even if you’re the sensei. Why do superheroes unmask themselves? Peter finally has an HD TV. County Sheriffs in Texas crash a drone. And what about app prices anyway? We talk about Flowbees!! The haircut of the 80’s. Peter does Aikido better than Steven Segal. He just won’t admit it.