NSIR 25 – It’s Only a Flesh Wound

Peter lost a limb, or nearly. The launch code is 00000000. You do not want all your employees to have the same passwords. Peter has a new bank account that pays him $20 per month. I don’t know why his password is my daughter’s name. Peter has a PSA. Peter has a Nest, a WeMo, a Sonos, a Roomba, and a Hue. Some of them work. Some don’t. Scott counts listeners and finds no one really is listening anymore.

NSIR 05 – Commitment Punch

WAY MORE listener feedback than EVAR!!!!1! Peter and Scott talk about Sales people. Sales people use Excel and Powerpoint. Scott proposes sales person cage matches. Scott mocks the Libertarian Republican for being way too kind and gentle. Peter has a Roomba because his cat tracks litter, and it loves rearranging furniture. Scott’s cat has long hair that gets cat poo stuck in it. It’s gross. Peter and Scott drink the commitment punch.