NSIR 27 – The NSA is not Kevin Costner

Not Speeding In Reverse is two village idiots just having a blast. Peter and Scott talk about random current topics ranging from martial arts, self-improvement, movies, and the latest computer security fails.

In episode 27, Peter and Scott look back at some of the massive security fails throughout the year and wonder just how incompetent humans can be with their technology.


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A brief history of Equifax Security Fails


Beware! New Android Malware Infected 2 Million Google Play Store Users


BankBot Android malware sneaks into the Google Play Store – for the third time


Sockbot Android Malware Found in Eight Apps on the Google Play Store


Yet Another Android Malware Infects Over 4.2 Million Google Play Store Users


Major Apple security flaw grants admin access on macOS High Sierra without password


macOS update accidentally undoes Apple’s root bug patch


NSA leak exposes Red Disk, the Army’s failed intelligence system


USB stick found in street contains Heathrow Airport security information


Man finds USB stick with Heathrow security plans, Queen’s travel details


The Reaper IOT botnet has already infected a million networks


Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People


The Foul-O-Matic


Detroit police officers fight each other in undercover op gone wrong


NSIR 23 – People skills. You might not have them.

Peter gets his Yeti working. Scott and Peter laugh about the most lighthearted of topics, the NSA. Scott talks about cycling he did do, and cycling he didn’t do. Peter had some phone company failures. Scott and Peter start looking at spam subscription web sites, which leads inevitably to a conversation about John McAfee’s latest product, D-Central. Finally, Marc Ensign has a story about a terrible email that reveals how NOT to connect with others.

NSIR 14 – Close the port on the p0wnage pony

Peter is trying to get CISSP certified, and that means lots of homework followed by a big, mean test. Leprechauns deserve punching. Scott has bubonic plague. Peter missed yoga. DST is an example of something people screwed up. Scott wonders about the mysteries of Podcast Network fanboyism. Peter wants to refinance, but his mortgage agent is apparently a missing person. Peter loves his cat, Mu. Scott is not sure he loves his cat Oliver. Finally, we talk more about Java 0days and security. Scott wants to send his lungs to work for him.

NSIR 08 – Nyet Deadyet

Feedback! We got feedback from a former fan of ours regarding our End of the World episode 7. John McAfee is back with some surreptitious keylogging activities. Peter installed an SSD drive, and Scott read a book called Cryptonomicon. Also Peter admits to signing up for dodgeball. Scott rages against bad software, some of it from Google, some of it from Apple.